Advanced Pitching Programs

Because Everyone Deserves the BEST

Advanced Level Pitching Programs for Professional, College, High School, Middle School and Youth Athletes

Proper Pitching Instruction is a DETAILED PROCESS and is best achieved through a well thought out and complete PROGRAM, using the most advanced tools in the game to make training more EFFICIENT, SAFER and more EFFECTIVE than old methods.

Coach Peavy and Peavy Baseball Teams with Coach Pete Wilkinson and Wilkinson Sports and Life Performance to TEACH  faster and safer than other programs using SCIENCE to produce ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE with our INNERVISION High Speed 2D and 3D Video Motion Analysis and Wearable Sensor Systems in our Advanced Pitching Analysis Studio in Atlanta, Ga.

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5 Month TOTAL PITCHER Program

Unique, Efficient, Effective Program for In Season and Out of Season

Less is More......You have heard this before and with Peavy Baseball and Wilkinson Sports Advanced Pitching Instruction, it is true.

12 Targeted Lessons in a 5 Month Period-Individual Lessons Contain More Valuable Content Using 2 Coaches for More Effective Evaluation and High Speed Video to Accelerate the Learning Curve-The Result is Lower Overall Costs Because Fewer Lessons Required and Lessons  Are Much More Effective.....Simply Put, We Achieve Better, Safer Results Faster.

Instead of working once or twice per week and conflicting with school, practices and game schedules and overthrowing athletes in the process, our unique program accelerates the learning curve by up to 50% or more, accomplishing more progress in each lesson, while perfectly defining objectives for targeted practice routines to provide maximum improvement with dedicated athletes between twice per month sessions.

EVERY Lesson includes Quad High Speed Video of EACH game simulated throw and frequently many practice throws for evaluation during and after lessons to provide a BLUEPRINT for PRACTICE routines between lessons and ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE for a CLEAR PLAN for subsequent lessons for MAXIMUM IMPROVEMENT and EFFICIENCY.

EVERY Lesson includes direct, hands on oversight and instruction by a high level Pitching Coach and Teacher who is trained in the use of High Speed Video and Motion Analysis to accelerate the learning curve and connect the athlete faster to what he is ACTUALLY doing and what he needs to do to improve at his best rate.

EVERY Lesson includes a High Speed Video Movement Analysis and evaluation by a SECOND Coach (Usually Coach Peavy or Coach Wilkinson) during and after the lesson to create a VISUAL LESSON PLAN for practice and the next lesson, with notes directly on the athletes High Speed Video for a CLEAR, UNDERSTANDABLE PATH to IMPROVEMENT. Lesson Videos can be reviewed  between lessons remotely by desktop to desktop connection with Peavy Baseball Coaches and the Athletes and can optionally be given to the athlete on a USB thumb drive or download to view on PC's or other devices!

Lessons frequently include MOTUS wearable sensor sleeve use to track UCL LOADS and More and the athlete can optionally purchase his own MOTUS sleeve and sensor to track ALL of his practice and even game throws between lessons (It is approved for MLB GAME USE). These can also be viewed on the athletes iPad or iPhone for reference.

In addition after mechanical efficiency and safety has been addressed,
the athlete will be taught a TOTAL THROWING FREQUENCY PROGRAM and a HOW TO BE A PITCHER INSTEAD OF A THROWER APPROACH.....and will be guided to find his BEST PITCH REPETOIRE to be most effective FOR HIS STYLE and MORE including guidance on conditioning, pitcher specific exercises, diet and more.


Typical 5 Month Total Pitcher Program Agenda
Session Content Accelerated or Adjusted on Individual Basis
Average Lesson 1 to 2 Hrs.

Week 1 Lesson 1

Initial Major Evaluation
Initial Athlete History Interview
Coach Live Evaluation
Extensive High Speed Video
Dual Coach High Speed Mechanics Eval
Create Lesson 2 Plan

Week 1 Lesson 2

Mechanics Evaluated for Safety 1st
Mechanics Evaluated for Efficiency
2 Wk Between Lesson Training Plan

Week 3 Lesson 3

Evaluate Previous Session HS Video
2 Coach Evaluation
Evaluate Athletes Practice Results
Make Adjustments/Additions Required
Adjust Between Lesson Practice Agenda
Provide Next Lesson Practice Plan

Week 5 Lesson 4

Same as 3

Week 7 Lesson 5

Same as 3

Week 9 Lesson 6

Same as 3

Week 11 Lesson 7

Same as 3

Week 13 Lesson 8

Same as 3 Eval Add Pitch Repetoire

Week 15 Lesson 9

Same as 3 Eval Add Pitch Repetoire

Week 17 Lesson 10

Same as 3 Eval Add Pitch Repetoire

Week 19 Lesson 11

Same as 3 Eval for Next Level Info

Week 21 Lesson 12

Evaluate Progress and Plan Future

Purchase Pitching Lessons Below

Pitching Programs for NEW Pitching Students
Detailed Initial Evaluation Lessons are Required

Total Pitcher Program New Student
Single Payment Purchase
2 Long Eval. Sessions 10 Lessons
Discounted for Single Payment

Single Payment

Total Pitcher Program New Student
Three Payment Subscription
3 Pmts. of $1,300.00 per Mo.

3 Pmts of $1,300 Once per Mo.

FOLLOWUP Pitching Programs for PREVIOUS Pitching Students
Initial Evaluation Lessons are NOT Required

Total Pitcher Program Previous Student
12 Lessons
Single Payment Purchase
Discounted for Single Payment

Single Payment

Total Pitcher Program Previous Student
12 Sessions
Three Payment Subscription
3 Pmts. of $1,235.00 per Mo.

3 Pmts. of $1,235.00 Once per Mo.

  We Can Customize a Program for Out of State Athletes to Provide Immersion Training on a Varied Schedule Dependent on Flexibility of Athlete Calendar and Peavy Baseball Scheduling....Inquire

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