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6 Days of Intense Immersion Training in Atlanta with Peavy Baseball’s MBA Training Program
and *Timeline Training System, just like the Pro's.        #PeavyBaseballMBA

Learn more in the first 3 hours than you have ever learned before!
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Earn $100 and MORE!

EACH PLAYER who COMPLETES IMMERSION TRAINING for 6 Days Earns $100 for their team. If you refer others for Peavy Baseball Immersion Training we will additionally send the Team or League of your choice $50 for each player who completes Immersion Training from your referral in the future!

Let Peavy Baseball Help You Reach the Top of Your Game!

 Here is What You Will Experience:

Full Game Assessment Stadium System

Peavy Baseball MBA Athletes will Train Just Like a Pro in IMMERSION TRAINING with 14+ Hrs. of TrainingCoach Peavy and Player over 6 DAYS with our indoor Timeline Training System, just like we use with Pro Teams!

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Our High Speed Motion Analysis Systems for Pro Teams and Our TIMELINE TRAINING SYSTEM Takes Athletes From Game Action to Perfect Practice to Game Improvement in RECORD TIME.....ACCURATELY!

Upon completion of training, you will leave Atlanta with a complete drill list and free access to video drill examples online, so you will continue your training at home as efficiently as when at Peavy Baseball.


MBA Immersion Training includes TWO High Speed Videos just like we do for the Pro's.Timeline Training System

The MBA Immersion Training Special includes a Full Motion Analysis with Basic Kinetics on the SECOND High Speed Video, with a Full Hitting Analysis like we perform for the Pro's (See Example on Left) while hitting on our VIDEO PITCHING MACHINE.

We also Perform a Complete Hitting Assessment
like Coach Peavy performed for the Mickey Mantle Book, "The Last Boy" (See Below).


SEE AN EXAMPLE HIGH SPEED VIDEO: Click the photo at the left to download to play a typical high speed video with a full baseball analysis and assessment by Coach Peavy.

It plays correctly in QUICKTIME ONLY.

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6 Day Peavy Baseball MBA Immersion Training

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Once Purchased, Contact Coach Peavy at or call 404-954-2281 to Calendar and Book Your 6 Day MSBL Immersion Training.
After you complete your training, a $100 check will be mailed to the Team or League of your choice.

2) High Speed Videos
14 hrs of One-on-One Instruction With Our
Timeline Training System
Free Drills Videos Online
1) Motion Analysis with Kinetics
8) Video Pitching Machine Sessions
1) ProCut Bat Training Weight
Use of Our Pro Indoor Facility

BONUS: Come to the Baseball Capital of the South on the Northside of Atlanta with the Atlanta Braves, Gwinnett Braves, East Cobb Baseball, LakePoint Sports and Lake Lanier, Lake Allatoona, The Georgia Aquarium within Minutes of Our Peavy Baseball  Marietta, Ga. Location.

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Peavy Baseball can recommend great places to stay near our facility and convenient to malls and attractions. Just ask.


 If you have any questions about The Most Advanced Hitting Instruction in Baseball, email Coach Peavy at or Call 404-954-BAT1 (2281)



Coach Peavy and his Timeline Training Pro Full Game Analysis System

Earning $$ for You
and Your Team and League is Simple!

Simply Recommend Our Immersion Training to other players you know and send us an email to expect their contact.

  Once they have signed up and completed their Immersion Training, we will send you $50 to your Team or League of your choice for each and every student that comes based on your referral!

email coach Peavy at about this opportunity.


Click Photo: Author Jane Leavy tells about "The Kinetic Mick"
that Coach Peavy created for "The Last Boy"
on Peavy Baseball YouTube channel.

Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood

Journalist Jane Leavy, author of the NY Times Best Seller, “The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood,” asked Coach Preston Peavy to create “The Kinetic Mick,” which helped her to explain the power behind Mantle’s left and right handed swings that The Last Boymade him a standout figure in his sport.

Coach Peavy applied his high-speed video analysis techniques to footage collected by Leavy to isolate each part of Mantle’s body and bat during a representative right-handed and left-handed swing. The resulting kinematic version of Mickey Mantle allowed Leavy to better understand the consistency and power behind Mantle’s swing, and to form a more educated explanation for her readers.

Coach Peavy uses his High Speed Motion Analysis experience with the Pro's and athletes of all levels in his Immersion Training to help players understand the dynamics of their swing and improve their performance. 

email Coach Peavy at or Call 404-954-BAT1 (2281)

include #PeavyBaseballMBA everywhere you can!